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How to Clean Your Furniture

Like anything in your business, furniture needs some special cleaning on a regular basis. In addition to laundering pillows and covers, the piece itself requires its own regimen. Since fitting chairs and couches in the washing machine isn’t an option, use these methods to ensure clean furniture: Regularly wash pillows, covers and other fabrics. Simple. […]


Cleaning Myths in the Workplace

There are many popular beliefs when it comes to cleaning your business or office, but which ones are actually true and which are simply myths? Bleach gets rid of everything. Not necessarily. Bleach is great for disinfecting, but it doesn’t clean everything. If you are cleaning countertops, floors or other surfaces, first use a cleanser, […]


Open for Business. Closed for Allergens.

Commercial carpets are always visible. Businesses only get one chance to make a great first impression, and how well that carpeting is cleaned and maintained can be a deciding factor. More people and more carpets means more dust mites and more allergens. Microscopic in size, large numbers of dust mites can survive in small areas. […]

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