How to Clean Your Furniture


Like anything in your business, furniture needs some special cleaning on a regular basis. In addition to laundering pillows and covers, the piece itself requires its own regimen. Since fitting chairs and couches in the washing machine isn’t an option, use these methods to ensure clean furniture:

Regularly wash pillows, covers and other fabrics.

Simple. Effective. Putting clean linens on your furniture ensures you aren’t letting dirt, dead skin cells and dust go unnoticed. This also means your customers aren’t exposed to this each day! Make sure you pay attention to cushions as well.

Treat stains when they happen.

Get rid of all furniture stains immediately so they don’t become permanent. For general stains, upholstery and enzyme cleaners are most common (upholstery cleaners are also very gentle on the skin). Dark liquid stains require vinegar and baking soda.

Vacuum dirt and dust.

To get rid of any surface grime, break out your trusty vacuum. Some vacuums have special attachments designed specifically for mattresses and furniture so cleaning is even easier. Make sure to vacuum both sides and within the seams.

Deep clean annually.

In addition to simple surface cleaning, it’s recommended to deep clean your furniture and carpet regularly to get rid of dust mites and keep allergens at bay. There are 100,000 dust mites in a square yard of carpet, and they feed on the dirt and skin cells they find lurking in your fabrics. Steam cleaning every six to 12 months kills dust mites (and, if you have them, bed bugs) and is a safe, chemical-free method of cleaning. Getting rid of dust mites and other allergens helps you breathe easier and with cleaner air each day at work. When using steam, make sure to let furniture properly dry after cleaning to avoid mold.

If it’s too old, replace it.

Older furniture can sag, rip and otherwise look shabby. Be conscious of your furniture’s age and replace it when necessary.

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