Cleaning Myths in the Workplace


There are many popular beliefs when it comes to cleaning your business or office, but which ones are actually true and which are simply myths?

Bleach gets rid of everything.

Not necessarily. Bleach is great for disinfecting, but it doesn’t clean everything. If you are cleaning countertops, floors or other surfaces, first use a cleanser, then disinfect with bleach.

Your carpet can shrink.

Is it possible that your carpet will shrink when you get it cleaned? Not likely. No matter the method used, steam or shampooing, as long as the carpet is properly wet and dried, there shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t use this myth to justify not steam cleaning your carpet. Steam cleaning is vital for keeping dust mites and other allergens out of the home. Make sure to do so every six to 12 months!

Any wood items should consistently be polished.

A shiny wood surface is great, but over-polishing surfaces can lead to dulling the finish and attracting excess dust. Not exactly the best look.

Windows and glass should be cleaned with newspaper.

This myth does have some truth to it. Newspaper is great for eliminating lint found on glass surfaces, but can also leave ink stains. Keep that glass cleaner as a backup!

Bed bugs are only found in beds.

Not true! Bed bugs only need a warm spot to live and breed, making practically any office crevice fair game. These household pests travel in luggage and clothing, and can quickly crawl within an establishment to a new space to live. Be vigilant of these pests, and if an infestation occurs, get rid of it by steam cleaning the area. The bed bug heat treatment kills the live bugs and their eggs.

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