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The Jiffy Steamer X-Series is the Solution to Dust Mites

Dust mites feed on just a tiny amount of the dead skin cells that you naturally shed on a daily basis, so there are no dust mite bites or other visible signs of an infestation. As one of the leading causes of asthma attacks, these microscopic pests could be posing a dangerous health risk to you and your family.


The Center for Disease Control has found that more cases of asthma were reported in 2010 than ever before. Of the 24.7 million documented asthma sufferers in America, 20 million have a dust mite allergy. The total asthma expenditure annually has reached $56 billion, and the average cost to treat one asthmatic child is over $1,000 annually. These numbers all indicate that asthma is on the rise, that treatment is increasingly expensive and that dust mites are causing 80% of the problem.

Hundreds of millions of dust mites can exist in a home – nearly 100,000 dust mites can live within one square yard of carpet alone. They thrive in bedding, stuffed animals, furniture cushions and carpets because they can survive deep inside where routine cleaning methods such as vacuuming and dusting cannot reach.

The Jiffy Steamer X-Series is an effective, affordable and safe way to kill 100% of dust mites on contact, according to an independent Texas A&M study. By eliminating the mites, you can eliminate potential triggers of allergies and asthma attacks. Other cleaning methods like vacuuming and dusting can leave up to 95% of dust mites remaining, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, since they live deep inside surfaces these other methods can’t reach.

The hot steam of the Jiffy Steamer X-Series penetrates the surface, killing the mites on contact. The Jiffy Steamer X-Series is safe to use on bedding, furniture cushions, stuffed animals, carpeting and most other places where dust mites lurk. It’s completely safe for your family and the environment since it uses clean steam technology. There are no chemicals or harmful side effects—just pure, clean steam.

Commonly Asked Dust Mite Questions

Q. What do dust mites look like?

A. Dust mites are microscopic, and therefore invisible to the naked eye. View images of dust mites here.

Q. Do dust mite bites show up on skin?

A. Dust mites bite dead skin cells already shed by humans, but they do not actually bite humans.

Q. How do I know if I am allergic to dust mites?

A. Dust mite waste is the actual trigger of allergy symptoms and asthma, not the dust mite itself. Simple allergy tests can determine if you are allergic or not.

Jiffy Steamer X-Series kills dust mites found in these common household areas and items:


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