Identify and Treat Bed Bug Attacks in the Workplace


A bed bug infestation should never be part of a business plan. These pests, while not causing disease, cause an irritating infestation. These infestations are best and most safely eliminated by steam cleaning, a chemical free bed bug heat treatment.

These tiny critters live in mattresses, box springs and headboards, and have been designated by the EPA, CDC and USDA as a public health pest. 76% of pest management companies said bed bugs are the most difficult pests to treat, according to the National Pest Management Association and University of Kentucky’s Bugs Without Borders survey.

Like mosquitos, bed bugs feed on human blood, causing what may look like mosquito or spider bites, rashes or hives. However, unlike mosquitos, they cannot spread disease. The best way to diagnose a bed bug infestation is to look for these signs:

  • Small dark spots (bed bug excrement)
  • Eggs and egg shells (about 1 mm in size and white)
  • Discarded skins
  • Life bed bugs (flat, reddish brown insects that are the size of an apple seed)
  • Red, rust-colored stains on sheets and mattresses

Infestations are not caused by dirt; bed bugs only need a warm spot to flourish. They must be dealt with immediately so the infestation doesn’t worsen or spread.  Infestations are more common in crowded lodgings with high turnover. Popular spots include dormitories, hotels and apartment complexes. Websites like track these infestations around the United States to help curb them.

A bed bug heat treatment using steam cleaning is incredibly effective in stopping infestations, and needs to be used as soon as one is spotted. It is a safe alternative to pesticides because it is chemical-free. Other methods like shampooing and dry-cleaning are more effective on linens rather than furniture and carpeting. However, using steam with insecticides may be doubly effective in ridding a home of a bed bug infestation. The combination can kill these pests immediately, while also providing long-term prevention. Regular steam cleaning is needed every six to 12 months to keep other allergens and pests away.

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