My Jiffy Steamer X-Series is spitting water from the hose. What is causing this?


There are several common errors that can cause your steamer to emit water or spit while steaming. If you are experiencing trouble with your steamer emitting water, please review the following five items.


1. Too much water in the tank

Check the water level in your tank to make sure that it contains no more than 4 quarts (3.79 liters) maximum. Overfilling the water tank can prevent your steamer from working properly.


2. Steaming in a low position

When steaming in a low position you should periodically raise and straighten out your hose. Not doing so can cause condensation accumulation and will create a gurgling noise. Periodically raising and straightening the hose will allow condensation to flow back into the water tank.


3. Stale water

Always keep fresh water in the reservoir. After a period of about one week water becomes stale and should be replaced with fresh water. Steaming with stale water can also cause a foaming action. If this occurs you should rinse your water tank thoroughly and refill with fresh water. Jiffy Steamer has a 3-pack liquid cleaner available for $18.00 plus shipping. We recommend that the liquid cleaner be used once every 6-12 months to remove sediment and mineral deposit build up. This build up can result from using hard water.


4. Rod set is not fully extended

Be sure to keep your rod set fully extended. Not doing so can cause condensation to collect and create gurgling sounds. Extending the rod set fully keeps the hose in an upright position allowing condensation to flow back into the tank.


5. Hose too long

In some cases, a customer has purchased a hose that is too long for the task at hand. For example, you would not want to purchase a 7 ½ foot drapery hose to simply steam clothing. You would not be able to fully raise the hose which could cause condensation to accumulate and the potential emission of water.


6. Cracked or broken steam head and / or handle

Check to ensure that your steam head and / or handle are not broken or that it contains cracks which could potentially cause leakage.  You may order a replacement steam head kit or a head and hose attachment complete from our Accessories section.


Most spitting problems are caused by user error and are not manufacturing defects. After checking the 6 items listed above, and your steamer is still emitting water, please conduct this simple test. Turn your steamer off and allow it to cool. Remove your hose from the steamer with an adjustable wrench. Turn your steamer back on and check the flow of steam. If you have a steady stream of steam, your steamer is functioning properly and the problem is in the hose attachment. If you continue to experience difficulty with your steamer, please call our repair department at 1-800-525-4339. Jiffy Steamer’s trained technicians will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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