How do I maintain optimal performance with my Jiffy Steamer X-Series?


How do I maintain optimal performance with my Jiffy Steamer X-Series?


Clean and rinse your steamer regularly: All steamers need to be cleaned and rinsed on occasion to flush the mineral deposits. We recommend our Jiffy Steamer Liquid Cleaner for cleaning internal parts.


Never use additives: Additives such as salt, perfumes, and dyes should never be added to your steamer water. These substances will corrode or plug internal parts.

Never overfill your steamer: If you have purchased the J-4000 series X-Series, never add more than one gallon of water to the reservoir.


Never allow your steamer to run dry: Running a steamer dry will cause internal damage to the heating element and wiring.


Never pour cold water into a hot steamer: If by mistake your steamer has run dry of water, allow the unit to cool before adding water. Cold water on top of a hot heating element can cause damage to the element.


It will be necessary to regularly stretch the hose up and out to allow condensation that has built up to flow back into the steamer.


Secure your hose nut tightly: If your steamer has a hose attachment, make sure the brass nut is fastened tight to the base of the steamer. A loose nut will allow water to run down the front of your unit.


Never use an extension cord: Extension cords should not be used on this product. Adding an extension cord may create damage to the steamer’s power cord and internal wiring.


Do not pull steamer by the power cord: Pulling the steamer by the power cord may cause the internal wiring to become loose.


Never use your foot to turn steamer on/off: Damage may occur to the switch should you turn the unit off using excess pressure with your foot.


Storing the steamer: Before storing the steamer for an extended period (30 days or more), empty all water from the unit. Stale water becomes thick with time and may plug internal parts.

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